EmmaStone Golden Globes Hair Recreation!!


Emma Stone pretty much always kills it in the beauty department, and the Golden Globes was no exception this year.  Here is a quick how to on re creating this look at home! 

1. When hair is damp, work in a light mousse all over your head. (Redken, tresemé, whichever you prefer) 

2.  Blow dry hair trying to achieve as much volume as possible, this is where the mousse will help you out 

3.  Using a 1 1/2 inch curling iron, curl your hair using bigger sections as we aren't trying to achieve super curls for this look and are only trying to get the perfect texture. 

4. Gently back comb your mohawk section and crown to create volume, and then gently brush out, making sure to not gett rid of your tease. This will also give your bobby pins something to grab on to later. 

5.  Separate your hair into 3 sections. Two front sides and back. 

6.  Take the back section and use the curls you did earlier to help you roll the hair up around 2 fingers creating pin curls, then pin into place. Depending on the thickness of your hair, some may have to do more than others as the pins will only hold so much hair.  

7.  If you had to do multiple rolls to get all of your hair up, that's ok. If it's slightly messier that's ok too, remember Emma's hair was done by a professional, you are doing this yourself. 

8. Take one of the side sections and loosely pin it back with the rest of the hair.  Use your fingers to piece out smaller pieces creating the fly away strands hanging down. 
9.  Repeat on the other side of the head. Use hair pins to secure any strays. 

10. Spray a heavier hair spray all over to secure into place.