Oscar Red Carpet Rundown

After weeks, months even of  prep, multiple parties, and several prior red carpets, Hollywood’s BIGGEST night finally arrived Sunday night.  The Academy Awards, and with that, comes all the celebrities breaking out the fabulous hair and makeup for all of us to get googly eyed over.  Now normally, the Oscars are where these starlets tend to play it slightly on the safer side of things…subtle makeup, sleek, simple up do’s and what not.   That was still indeed the case this year, but surprisingly enough, we did see some stars breaking the rules a bit and walking the carpet with a teenie weenie bit more of edge.  Yea, I’m looking at you Scar-Jo.  Some celebs nailed it, and some….didn’t.  Seeing as though I build my brand, business, and life in general around positivity, I will leave the “misses” and  “worsts” to your imagination.  HINT: a simple google search will un-doubtedly not leave you hanging or guessing for long ;)  However check out a few of my favorite looks from the evening below!!!


I feel like Emma has repeatedly and consistently been nailing it on the red carpet lately which leads me to believe that she is mostly just stunning all the time, in life, every day.  I love the side swept old Hollywood hair with her red locks.  If gives off such a classic feel.  She kept the makeup simple with a coral lip that really complimented her pale, fair skin tone.


Being one of Hollywood’s most sought after sex symbols is not easy (side eye), though Scar-Jo definitely made it look more than effortless Sunday night.  She was one of the few that took an edgier approach to the red carpet, and take notes Miley Cirus, THIS is how you rock the shaved head do.  Her hair was completely cut down on the sides and styled in to a sleek pompadour on top, which elongated her heart shaped face.  She kept the eye smooth with a subtle neutral smoked out look and a pale pink lip that absolutely stunned with her emerald green dress.


I love that Jennifer rocked the natural look with a cute, short pixie.  She had a deep side part and kept it poker straight with just enough chic and just enough punk to keep us all happy.  She kept her eyes more natural with a coral lip, which seemed to be a trend of the evening.  Her skin looked flawless and she was truly shining the whole night.


I can not say enough about this look.  Zendaya completely went against the grain and knocked it out of the park with her perfectly styled dreads and natural face.  I don’t  know what it is, there is something about the off the shoulder draped gown contrasted against the loosely hung dreadlocks that just kept my eye all night long.  Well done girl!


Fifty shades of perfection.  This was Dakota’s first real break out role, and she easily could have over done her look on the carpet but instead, she NAILED it!   She wore an effortless looking ponytail that we all know took more time that what it seems, with a heavy fringe.  Her eyes were perfectly smoked out and her lips matched her dress which is a look I either love or hate, and in this case, LOVE!  Everything about this was amazing. 


Marion strutted the carpet with a neat and well kempt side bun to keep her look elegant.  I love the smooth perfection of it with her bold, statement earrings.  She added some detail with the twist going back in to the bun.  Her makeup was dewey with a rosier cheek and pink lips allowing her baby blues to do all the talking. 


I love Margo’s look because she really looked like she could have been stepping out anywhere, and the fact that she was headed to the Oscar’s made it all the better.  Her side parted bleach blonde bob was just the right amount of messy, while still looking perfectly polished.  She kept her eyes nude and skin soft with more of a contour and less of a blushed appearance.  Her red lips really were the shiner in this look.  Let's be honest, you really can never go wrong with a black dress and a bright red lip.  One of my favorite looks of the evening, with out a doubt.


Holy movie star, Anna.  This beautifull actress has really stepped out of her box and developed a style of her own.  She opted for the side parted bun that looked a little disheveled yet still perfectly styled.  The hair complimented the neck line of the dress amazingly.  She lined her eyes with dark liner, really making them pop and kept the lips simple with a nude-ish pink.  She really impressed me this year  and I love everything about this beauty look!

Awards season is always fun, we wait with anticipation to see who is going to wear what and who is going to have the best hair and makeup.  Sunday did not disappoint.  Let me know YOUR favorite looks from the evening below!  Until next time beautynistas... :)