Tip Tuesday: The Struggle of Blow Drying Your Own Hair

Even the best of hairstylists can tell you that blow drying hair can be some what of a challenge, especially blow drying your own.   And I don’t mean tipping your head over and going at it, I mean drying it properly.  I wont lie and tell you that your arms wont feel like jelly when your finished, but when you teach yourself correctly and practice, it CAN be done.  You are also guaranteed to get an awesome arm work out ;)  There is no better feeling than a fresh blow out when it looks awesome AND you did it yourself!  When doing it on your own, follow these few tips and you will master it in no time!  Check out the job I did on myself this morning!    


Air Dry- Always allow your hair to air dry a little bit before attacking it with the round brush.  Trying to get a brush through dripping wet hair will only make you frustrated and crazy.  When the hair is slightly less wet it will be easier to work with. 

Sections-  Divide your hair in to sections and dry it section by section.  Start with smaller ones and you can make them bigger with more practice.  This will give you more control over the hair you are working with.  It may take more time when you first start, but don’t give up.   Controlling where the dryer is focused will also eliminate tangling and your hair getting stuck in the dryer.     

Nozzle- For a smoother finish, attach a nozzle to the nose of your blow dryer.  This will concentrate the heat directly on to the hair that you are working with and not allow it to go all over.  It will also help to control frizzing.  The nozzle will  keep the cage of the dryer from touching your hair as well and lower the chance of singing or burning.  

Proper Round Brush- Using the proper round brush is KEY!  This can make or break your blow dry.  IF you have thinner, finer hair, use a vented metal round brush so the air can circulate through the brush.  The dryer will heat the metal which will help to curl and style the hair. This is a little gentler on your hair since the hot air will not go directly on your locks and instead, has a place to vent out through.  If you have thicker, coarser hair, use a natural boar bristle brush.   The natural bristles will help to eliminate frizz and smooth out the hair. 

Blow dry in the direction the hair grows-  Always always always blow dry the hair in the direction it grows.  Drying it in any other direction can rustle the cuticle of the hair and cause frizz, breakage and tangling.  The hair will dry faster this way as well.  

Cool shot-  When your done with each piece of hair use your cool shot.  This is the little blue button that I am sure you have always wondered what it’s used for.  Hold the cool shot for 3 seconds, this will seal the cuticle of the hair and set it in to place for a longer lasting style. 

Let me know how these tips work for you and post your results and pics in the comments below!