Best Beauty From The Golden Globes

Last night, the stars came out dressed to impress and completely glammed out in their best beauty looks.  The Golden Globes is the kick off of the awards season and the first chance for everyone to step out in their new looks for the new year.  I definitely spotted a few trends, though these specific trends have been peeking in pretty consistently for some time now, they were definitely still trending on the carpet and don’t seem to be leaving anytime soon.  Old Hollywood waves were seen on several starlets and seemed to never be better.  Ladies like Amy Adams, Leslie Mann, and Ruth Wilson to name a few, were all stunning with a severe side parts and glammed out waves.  All different hair lengths and they all still seemed to nail the look and make it their own.  Red Lips were also all over the carpet, making their debut on beauties such as Lorde, Heidi Klum, and Taylor Schilling.  But we see trends come and go, some lingering longer than others.  And with that, now to the more important part, who do we think REALLY stood out last night and truly stole the show with their beauty.  Globe or no globe, these leading ladies win my beauty stamp of approval…..  Here are a few of my faves below.

Jenna Dewan Tatum really brought her A game last night, looking fabulous in a pale yellow gown which perfectly accents her dark hair.  Shorter hair is not something we are used to seeing on this pretty lady but I absolutely love it!  She perfected the center parted messy wave and her makeup was bold and flawless.  I loved that she stayed casual with the hair and went a little more severe with her makeup, well done Jenna, MISS YOU!



Viola Davis is killing it with her new show "How To Get Away With Murder" and she was killing it on the carpet last night.  I can not remember a recent time where she has not come out with absolutely stunning hair and makeup.  She, like Jenna was sporting a shorter do that was beautifully curled to perfection.  Her makeup accented her skin tone wonderfully and she was just glowing.  How to get away with PERFECTION.

Chrissy Teigen and Shaun Robinson were my favorite up do's of the night.  Chrissy rocking a more casual punked out messy pony and Shaun sporting a more put together glamorous look with the side swept chignon.  Both of them were executed perfectly with beautifully done makeup to match.  It's hard not to make these girls look hot.  

Now on to my absolute favorite style of the night, worn by 2 of my favorite women...Resse Witherspoon and Heidi Klum.  I mentioned earlier this was a trending look of the night so I am not shocked that these 2 beauty veterans both stepped out with their own version of the classic side parted Hollywood wave.  

Reese's was SLIGHTLY more casual with a little bit of a looser wave and more of a bang.  She looked absolutely fabulous.  But I must say, my favorite beauty look of the whole evening was Heidi.   You couldn't place those curls better if you tried.  They just look like they have a complete mind of their own and were owning that carpet.  I can't even bring the right words to this page as I sit here and type because her whole look was just done so perfectly and beautifully that I really can only stare in awe.  I think you all will agree.  The hair color compliments the skin tone, the skin tone compliments the makeup, the makeup compliments the dress.  AMAZING!!! 

Let us know your favorite looks from the night in the comments below!!!!!