The Corrected Contour

When it comes to contouring, it can be a sensitive or even touchy subject.  Some people are rocking the perfect contour with pride, some people won't even try it living in fear that they will look like an absolute clown, and some people are literally walking around looking like absolute an clown.  It's sad kind of, because everyone has their own way of applying makeup.  Whether it be on yourself, or as a professional on a client, is there really any wrong way of doing so?   Everyone has their own technique and special way of creating what we call makeup magic.   I never want to say that someone's makeup is applied wrong, but I can at least offer some helpful tips because there is always room for improvement ;)  

When dealing with contouring specifically here is a key point to try, Contour BEFORE foundation.  Many people start their contour after they have already applied their foundation, try the reverse.  Contour before with liquid or cream products, these tend to move and blend better.  THEN apply your foundation lightly over top of it making sure to stipple it on with a damp sponge as opposed to rubbing it on.  The stippling motion allows the foundation to set in to the skin and won't smudge your contour.  Rubbing it on will only move your contour in to places you may not want it, and it will also deposit the foundation further in to the pores which can clog and cause break outs....eewie.  Once you have mastered your application and have it looking just the way you want it, apply a setting powder.  This will insure that everything is locked in to place all day long.  


  • flat edged foundation brush
  • egg shaped beauty blender sponge
  • cream and/or liquid foundations of your choice
  • setting powder

**Below is a nice image and display of how and where to place your different shades of contour**.