EmmaStone Golden Globes Hair Recreation!!


Emma Stone pretty much always kills it in the beauty department, and the Golden Globes was no exception this year.  Here is a quick how to on re creating this look at home! 

1. When hair is damp, work in a light mousse all over your head. (Redken, tresemé, whichever you prefer) 

2.  Blow dry hair trying to achieve as much volume as possible, this is where the mousse will help you out 

3.  Using a 1 1/2 inch curling iron, curl your hair using bigger sections as we aren't trying to achieve super curls for this look and are only trying to get the perfect texture. 

4. Gently back comb your mohawk section and crown to create volume, and then gently brush out, making sure to not gett rid of your tease. This will also give your bobby pins something to grab on to later. 

5.  Separate your hair into 3 sections. Two front sides and back. 

6.  Take the back section and use the curls you did earlier to help you roll the hair up around 2 fingers creating pin curls, then pin into place. Depending on the thickness of your hair, some may have to do more than others as the pins will only hold so much hair.  

7.  If you had to do multiple rolls to get all of your hair up, that's ok. If it's slightly messier that's ok too, remember Emma's hair was done by a professional, you are doing this yourself. 

8. Take one of the side sections and loosely pin it back with the rest of the hair.  Use your fingers to piece out smaller pieces creating the fly away strands hanging down. 
9.  Repeat on the other side of the head. Use hair pins to secure any strays. 

10. Spray a heavier hair spray all over to secure into place. 

Oscar Red Carpet Rundown

After weeks, months even of  prep, multiple parties, and several prior red carpets, Hollywood’s BIGGEST night finally arrived Sunday night.  The Academy Awards, and with that, comes all the celebrities breaking out the fabulous hair and makeup for all of us to get googly eyed over.  Now normally, the Oscars are where these starlets tend to play it slightly on the safer side of things…subtle makeup, sleek, simple up do’s and what not.   That was still indeed the case this year, but surprisingly enough, we did see some stars breaking the rules a bit and walking the carpet with a teenie weenie bit more of edge.  Yea, I’m looking at you Scar-Jo.  Some celebs nailed it, and some….didn’t.  Seeing as though I build my brand, business, and life in general around positivity, I will leave the “misses” and  “worsts” to your imagination.  HINT: a simple google search will un-doubtedly not leave you hanging or guessing for long ;)  However check out a few of my favorite looks from the evening below!!!


I feel like Emma has repeatedly and consistently been nailing it on the red carpet lately which leads me to believe that she is mostly just stunning all the time, in life, every day.  I love the side swept old Hollywood hair with her red locks.  If gives off such a classic feel.  She kept the makeup simple with a coral lip that really complimented her pale, fair skin tone.


Being one of Hollywood’s most sought after sex symbols is not easy (side eye), though Scar-Jo definitely made it look more than effortless Sunday night.  She was one of the few that took an edgier approach to the red carpet, and take notes Miley Cirus, THIS is how you rock the shaved head do.  Her hair was completely cut down on the sides and styled in to a sleek pompadour on top, which elongated her heart shaped face.  She kept the eye smooth with a subtle neutral smoked out look and a pale pink lip that absolutely stunned with her emerald green dress.


I love that Jennifer rocked the natural look with a cute, short pixie.  She had a deep side part and kept it poker straight with just enough chic and just enough punk to keep us all happy.  She kept her eyes more natural with a coral lip, which seemed to be a trend of the evening.  Her skin looked flawless and she was truly shining the whole night.


I can not say enough about this look.  Zendaya completely went against the grain and knocked it out of the park with her perfectly styled dreads and natural face.  I don’t  know what it is, there is something about the off the shoulder draped gown contrasted against the loosely hung dreadlocks that just kept my eye all night long.  Well done girl!


Fifty shades of perfection.  This was Dakota’s first real break out role, and she easily could have over done her look on the carpet but instead, she NAILED it!   She wore an effortless looking ponytail that we all know took more time that what it seems, with a heavy fringe.  Her eyes were perfectly smoked out and her lips matched her dress which is a look I either love or hate, and in this case, LOVE!  Everything about this was amazing. 


Marion strutted the carpet with a neat and well kempt side bun to keep her look elegant.  I love the smooth perfection of it with her bold, statement earrings.  She added some detail with the twist going back in to the bun.  Her makeup was dewey with a rosier cheek and pink lips allowing her baby blues to do all the talking. 


I love Margo’s look because she really looked like she could have been stepping out anywhere, and the fact that she was headed to the Oscar’s made it all the better.  Her side parted bleach blonde bob was just the right amount of messy, while still looking perfectly polished.  She kept her eyes nude and skin soft with more of a contour and less of a blushed appearance.  Her red lips really were the shiner in this look.  Let's be honest, you really can never go wrong with a black dress and a bright red lip.  One of my favorite looks of the evening, with out a doubt.


Holy movie star, Anna.  This beautifull actress has really stepped out of her box and developed a style of her own.  She opted for the side parted bun that looked a little disheveled yet still perfectly styled.  The hair complimented the neck line of the dress amazingly.  She lined her eyes with dark liner, really making them pop and kept the lips simple with a nude-ish pink.  She really impressed me this year  and I love everything about this beauty look!

Awards season is always fun, we wait with anticipation to see who is going to wear what and who is going to have the best hair and makeup.  Sunday did not disappoint.  Let me know YOUR favorite looks from the evening below!  Until next time beautynistas... :)

Tip Tuesday: The Struggle of Blow Drying Your Own Hair

Even the best of hairstylists can tell you that blow drying hair can be some what of a challenge, especially blow drying your own.   And I don’t mean tipping your head over and going at it, I mean drying it properly.  I wont lie and tell you that your arms wont feel like jelly when your finished, but when you teach yourself correctly and practice, it CAN be done.  You are also guaranteed to get an awesome arm work out ;)  There is no better feeling than a fresh blow out when it looks awesome AND you did it yourself!  When doing it on your own, follow these few tips and you will master it in no time!  Check out the job I did on myself this morning!    


Air Dry- Always allow your hair to air dry a little bit before attacking it with the round brush.  Trying to get a brush through dripping wet hair will only make you frustrated and crazy.  When the hair is slightly less wet it will be easier to work with. 

Sections-  Divide your hair in to sections and dry it section by section.  Start with smaller ones and you can make them bigger with more practice.  This will give you more control over the hair you are working with.  It may take more time when you first start, but don’t give up.   Controlling where the dryer is focused will also eliminate tangling and your hair getting stuck in the dryer.     

Nozzle- For a smoother finish, attach a nozzle to the nose of your blow dryer.  This will concentrate the heat directly on to the hair that you are working with and not allow it to go all over.  It will also help to control frizzing.  The nozzle will  keep the cage of the dryer from touching your hair as well and lower the chance of singing or burning.  

Proper Round Brush- Using the proper round brush is KEY!  This can make or break your blow dry.  IF you have thinner, finer hair, use a vented metal round brush so the air can circulate through the brush.  The dryer will heat the metal which will help to curl and style the hair. This is a little gentler on your hair since the hot air will not go directly on your locks and instead, has a place to vent out through.  If you have thicker, coarser hair, use a natural boar bristle brush.   The natural bristles will help to eliminate frizz and smooth out the hair. 

Blow dry in the direction the hair grows-  Always always always blow dry the hair in the direction it grows.  Drying it in any other direction can rustle the cuticle of the hair and cause frizz, breakage and tangling.  The hair will dry faster this way as well.  

Cool shot-  When your done with each piece of hair use your cool shot.  This is the little blue button that I am sure you have always wondered what it’s used for.  Hold the cool shot for 3 seconds, this will seal the cuticle of the hair and set it in to place for a longer lasting style. 

Let me know how these tips work for you and post your results and pics in the comments below! 

Trend Time: 2015 Bridal Hair Trends

New year, new you...we hear it all the time, or every 365 days rather.  But if you are a twenty fifteen bride, there is even more of a reason to try out some NEW do's.  I got some awesome new tips from the bridal gurus over at  Wedding Wire and wanted to pass them along to all of my beautynistas, especially my bridal beautynistas.  Check them out below!  

Sparkly Broaches:  Many brides are attaching shiny broaches to their veils or up do's to give their look an extra pop of dazzle.  One specific look stands out, using a broach towards the front of the head as opposed to the back, creating a vintage inspired bridal look.  I absolutely love it, I love a unique bride who is not afraid to shine.

Loose Side Swept Up Do's:  Bridal up do's are becoming less structured, today's brides are opting for a more loose, romantic look.  I am always a fan of a looser do, allowing you to be more creative with the style you are going for.  Side parts were seen all over the runways this past fashion week season, so seeing this being incorporated in to a bridal trend is not surprising at all.  

Full Head Pieces:  Again going with more of a vintage look, we are starting to see full head pieces being worn by more and more brides today.  You can wear them in so many different ways and in so many different styles and sizes.  This is a look you can't really go wrong with and I am so excited to see it coming in to the mix more now!  

What do you think of these latest bridal trends??  Let me know in the comments below!!

Best Beauty From The Golden Globes

Last night, the stars came out dressed to impress and completely glammed out in their best beauty looks.  The Golden Globes is the kick off of the awards season and the first chance for everyone to step out in their new looks for the new year.  I definitely spotted a few trends, though these specific trends have been peeking in pretty consistently for some time now, they were definitely still trending on the carpet and don’t seem to be leaving anytime soon.  Old Hollywood waves were seen on several starlets and seemed to never be better.  Ladies like Amy Adams, Leslie Mann, and Ruth Wilson to name a few, were all stunning with a severe side parts and glammed out waves.  All different hair lengths and they all still seemed to nail the look and make it their own.  Red Lips were also all over the carpet, making their debut on beauties such as Lorde, Heidi Klum, and Taylor Schilling.  But we see trends come and go, some lingering longer than others.  And with that, now to the more important part, who do we think REALLY stood out last night and truly stole the show with their beauty.  Globe or no globe, these leading ladies win my beauty stamp of approval…..  Here are a few of my faves below.

Jenna Dewan Tatum really brought her A game last night, looking fabulous in a pale yellow gown which perfectly accents her dark hair.  Shorter hair is not something we are used to seeing on this pretty lady but I absolutely love it!  She perfected the center parted messy wave and her makeup was bold and flawless.  I loved that she stayed casual with the hair and went a little more severe with her makeup, well done Jenna, MISS YOU!



Viola Davis is killing it with her new show "How To Get Away With Murder" and she was killing it on the carpet last night.  I can not remember a recent time where she has not come out with absolutely stunning hair and makeup.  She, like Jenna was sporting a shorter do that was beautifully curled to perfection.  Her makeup accented her skin tone wonderfully and she was just glowing.  How to get away with PERFECTION.

Chrissy Teigen and Shaun Robinson were my favorite up do's of the night.  Chrissy rocking a more casual punked out messy pony and Shaun sporting a more put together glamorous look with the side swept chignon.  Both of them were executed perfectly with beautifully done makeup to match.  It's hard not to make these girls look hot.  

Now on to my absolute favorite style of the night, worn by 2 of my favorite women...Resse Witherspoon and Heidi Klum.  I mentioned earlier this was a trending look of the night so I am not shocked that these 2 beauty veterans both stepped out with their own version of the classic side parted Hollywood wave.  

Reese's was SLIGHTLY more casual with a little bit of a looser wave and more of a bang.  She looked absolutely fabulous.  But I must say, my favorite beauty look of the whole evening was Heidi.   You couldn't place those curls better if you tried.  They just look like they have a complete mind of their own and were owning that carpet.  I can't even bring the right words to this page as I sit here and type because her whole look was just done so perfectly and beautifully that I really can only stare in awe.  I think you all will agree.  The hair color compliments the skin tone, the skin tone compliments the makeup, the makeup compliments the dress.  AMAZING!!! 

Let us know your favorite looks from the night in the comments below!!!!!

The Corrected Contour

When it comes to contouring, it can be a sensitive or even touchy subject.  Some people are rocking the perfect contour with pride, some people won't even try it living in fear that they will look like an absolute clown, and some people are literally walking around looking like absolute an clown.  It's sad kind of, because everyone has their own way of applying makeup.  Whether it be on yourself, or as a professional on a client, is there really any wrong way of doing so?   Everyone has their own technique and special way of creating what we call makeup magic.   I never want to say that someone's makeup is applied wrong, but I can at least offer some helpful tips because there is always room for improvement ;)  

When dealing with contouring specifically here is a key point to try, Contour BEFORE foundation.  Many people start their contour after they have already applied their foundation, try the reverse.  Contour before with liquid or cream products, these tend to move and blend better.  THEN apply your foundation lightly over top of it making sure to stipple it on with a damp sponge as opposed to rubbing it on.  The stippling motion allows the foundation to set in to the skin and won't smudge your contour.  Rubbing it on will only move your contour in to places you may not want it, and it will also deposit the foundation further in to the pores which can clog and cause break outs....eewie.  Once you have mastered your application and have it looking just the way you want it, apply a setting powder.  This will insure that everything is locked in to place all day long.  


  • flat edged foundation brush
  • egg shaped beauty blender sponge
  • cream and/or liquid foundations of your choice
  • setting powder

**Below is a nice image and display of how and where to place your different shades of contour**. 

Holiday Hair Party

Holy almost Christmas time!!!  Where does the time go??  We have all heard the christmas music in every store and restaurant since the day after thanksgiving, but somehow Christmas has still crept on us all so quickly as if we never knew it was coming.  And with that comes all the holiday parties we are expected to attend with bells and whistles, and of course...GREAT HAIR!!  Below are a few hair simple styles and accessories that are super easy to do, and work great for any holiday get together.  They are all fashionable and cute and can be taken from day time office to night time party in minutes.  Which is your favorite??  

Dress Up any pony tail with these cute  pony tail holder accessories .  They come in all designs and you can purchase them at any beauty store.  They add that special flare to the style and are guaranteed to turn heads.  Super easy, super fun!

Dress Up any pony tail with these cute pony tail holder accessories.  They come in all designs and you can purchase them at any beauty store.  They add that special flare to the style and are guaranteed to turn heads.  Super easy, super fun!

This style combines 2 things I absolutely love, braids and buns.  The  braided bun  makes the bunned style a little more fancy which is perfect for a party.   It also creates some texture and can be done on any hair type or color.   I recommend wearing it higher on the head to create more of an evening look.  

This style combines 2 things I absolutely love, braids and buns.  The braided bun makes the bunned style a little more fancy which is perfect for a party.   It also creates some texture and can be done on any hair type or color.   I recommend wearing it higher on the head to create more of an evening look.  

Sparkly head bands  are always a fun way to dress up a hair style.  Whether you wear it up or down, throwing in a shiny headband will instantly spice it up and make your hair appear more fancy.  The sparkles scream holidays and have party written all over them!

Sparkly head bands are always a fun way to dress up a hair style.  Whether you wear it up or down, throwing in a shiny headband will instantly spice it up and make your hair appear more fancy.  The sparkles scream holidays and have party written all over them!

Trending: The Perfect Plum

Twenty 15 is approaching quickly beautynistas, and so are all the newest beauty trends.  Whether it be your eyes, lips or cheeks, the perfect shade of plum is trending and stunning on all skin tones.  One of the reasons it is so amazing is because it is easily transitioned from winter to spring.  It is just dark enough for winter and just soft enough to carry you in to the warming weather.  In the winter weeks that we have left, try a more matte shade and then gloss it up more for the spring time.  I am absolutely loving playing with all the different shades on my clients and brides.  My favorite so far is Smashbox in Plum Scene. They can be purchased in matte or cream textures and retail or only $20.00!  This is one trend to carry with you in to the new year for sure!